Jan 10, 2018

Beastie: Miniature Ogre

Ogre, Miniature
HD 6
AC 15
Atk ML 1d6x2 (tiny fists), or by weapon type
Save 11
Move 9
CL/XP 9/1000
Special: Surprise opponents on a 1-5 on d6

Miniature ogres have been ensorcelled and shrunk to a tiny size, yet they maintain their strength. The strange sorcery that miniaturizes them also compacts their brains into a more organized and intelligent manner making them relatively smart for an ogre.

Miniature ogres measure only a few inches high, so can be difficult to spot, particularly when they are hiding. At best there is a 1 in 10 chance of spotting.

The occasional wizard may have a token miniature ogre as a novelty, more often they are found in small packs of 2-12.

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