Jan 4, 2018

Beastie: Lurking Arachnid

Lurking Arachnid
HD 4
AC 18
Atk ML 1d6, RNG 1d4
Save 13
Move 12
CL/XP 6/400
Special: poison, web
The lurking arachnid is superb at lurking in the shadows and camouflaging itself. They cling to ceilings of dank, dark areas like dungeon passages.

They are difficult to spot, only visible on a 1 in 20 when actively searching.

It can shoot out its web in a 30’ stream, anyone in its path must Save (add Dex adjustment) or be trapped for 2d8 rounds. Each round a Save (add Str adj.) can be made to break free of the web.

Unlike common giant spiders the lurking arachnid is semi intelligent and can coordinate with other lurking arachnids to surround a party and subdue them. This communication sounds like disturbing hisses and whispers.

They have two kinds of poisonous bites. The first paralyzes a victim for 1-4 days, unless a Save (add Con) is made. They use this to cocoon their prey. Their most poisonous bite is deadly unless a Save (add Con) is made, they only use this when it is necessary to kill a victim.