May 4, 2017

Pet Peeve: Blogs With Great Names...Wasted!

Sometimes when I have what I think is a really good, or dare I say, great idea I check to see if there is a blogspot with that name just in case I need it someday...

So often I'll find blogspots with freaking awesome names that are being utterly wasted, and it really frustrates me. I wish Google would release unused blogspots after a period of time, with appropriate notices to the owners of course. Here are just a few I've recently found.

Wouldn't it be neato to have an OSR blog called old school DND? Nope! Taken

Oh, what about an OSR blog called OSR? Well screw you.

I know how about a Star Wars fan blog called Docking Bay 94, after the famous scene in A New Hope where the Millennium Falcon is parked? Sorry!

Dungeoneer is a pretty good name, how about that? Nope you're SOL!

I wonder what the person who owns is doing with it? Oh, right NOTHING

I bet someone created an awesome Chainmail fan blog and scored, NOPE! Their prices may not be cheap, but their spelling certainly is.

Seriously the list goes on and on. Just test any cool name you can think of and it's almost a sure bet someone is wasting it.