May 20, 2017

Beastie of the Week: Shahatha

In celebration of Mermay (an event many artists participate in May where they post drawings of Mermaids everyday on Instagram and other social media) here is an aquatic race of sea people I created long ago for my high school D&D game called the Shahatha. I always envisioned them as related to the sahuagin and merpeople as elves (of Middle-Earth) were to dwarves and men. They have an ancient past and built fabulous cities under the depths long before mankind walked the earth. Eventually their society fell into decadence and decay, now they are a shell of their former great civilization. But, they are still formidable foes and dream of one day returning to their time of glory.

A drawing from my high school D&D campaign (recently colored in Photoshop).

HD 4+1
AC 5[14]
Atk 1 weapon (1d8), claws (1d6)
Move 1 (Swim 18)
Save 14
CL/XP 5/170
Special: Magic resistance 80%, breathe water, sonar, sea-song. Females have spells (see below)

Shahatha are an elder race of sea people; predecessors of the triton and the merfolk and cousins to ancient kuo-toa and sahuagin. They appear to be an amalgamation of human and fish with shark-like teeth. They have large radial fins from the top of their head to the end of their tail reminiscent of a sailfish. The legs and feet end in large flippers. They have long curved claws on their hands and membranes that stretch from their elbow to their hip that helps them swim swiftly and navigate in turbulent water. The males are almost faceless while the females have colorful plumage and attractive but cruel visages.

They live in salt water, sometimes at considerable depths, and rarely come to the surface world except on rare occasions to plunder and capture slaves.  These beings are thoroughly chaotic/evil.  Their society is highly organized, and their lairs are often guarded by sharks or other fearsome sea monsters.  Some shahatha may have entangling nets used to ensnare opponents.

Shahatha are similar to mermen and tritons, but for their more fishlike and crueler appearance.  They are a much more magical race entirely and are very resistant to magic (80%).

They have sonar which allows them to see regardless of how dark it is, and a sea-song that summons giant sea creatures within a mile radius to their aid (usually arriving in 2-8 rounds) and can cause panic in normal sea animals.  The females are the leaders and have spell casting powers. Treat females as 5th level magic-users (Spells: 4 x level 1, 2 x level 2, 1 x level 3).

Common spells:
Level 1
Charm Person
Magic Missile
Protection from Good

Level 2
Darkness, 15 ft Radius
Detect Good
Mirror Image
Phantasmal Force

Level 3
Dispel Magic
Hold Person
Lightning Bolt
Monster Summoning I
Protection from Good, 10 ft Radius
Protection from Normal Missiles

Another high school drawing

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