Mar 21, 2017

Raiders! Organizations - Rules that almost made it in

There were quite a few rules ideas I dabbled with that didn't quite make it into Raiders! through play testing, final writing, and editing. At one point I wanted to have each character beholden to a larger organization, like how our favorite archeologist taught at a University which helped to fund his adventures. At some point I realized it took too much autonomy from the players and also was covered well enough in the backgrounds section for the kind of game play that Raiders! encourages.

If you're curious though, here was the initial write up for Organizations. Not much detail here and it would need a lot more fleshing out to be a real game system. Still, I think it has some intriguing potentials and in the right gaming group could work out well.


Each character may choose one organization that sponsors their adventurous activities. This organization will provide funding, support, and information that may help during the adventure. But they must also abide by the demands and restrictions of that organization. A player who chooses no allegiance is a free agent, but will not benefit, or may even be hindered, by these organizations when their activities conflict with the agency's goals.

  • A Secret Society, consult with the GM
  • A Museum
  • A University
  • A Government

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