Mar 23, 2017

Beastie: Watery Death

I've been so busy finalizing Raiders! and Freebooters as well as promoting those books that I've missed making a Beastie of the Week post for a while. Wait no longer! Here is a horrific monster to befuddle heroes who would dare enter the dark damp realms this creature awaits them in.

Watery Death
Enchanted Trap
HD 4
AC 18
Atk ML 1d6 +1d4 per round
Save 13
Move 0
CL/XP 6/400
Special: entangle, paralyze

Stagnant water left in the dark too long in the presence of evil and black magic can become enchanted and give birth to a watery death.

This tentacled aquatic horror lurks just under the stagnant pool. It has scales that shimmer and look like pieces of gold which it uses to lure adventurers to it.

When players see the dark, oily, eerily still water they can make an attempt to detect the horrors that lurk underneath, but it is extremely hard to see; only a 1 in 10 chance. If they fail to detect the watery death the beast will have the initiative and catch the characters by surprise. And those who fail to detect the watery death must make a save at -2 or they will notice what appear to be gold coins under the water and will be lured to move into the water and attempt to collect the coins. Once they are within striking distance the watery death lashes out with its paralyzing tentacles and entraps the victim. On a hit the target must Save or be paralyzed for 1-4 rounds. While paralyzed they are helpless as they are pulled under the murky water where they will drown in 2-8 rounds if they do not break free and get air. Breaking free from entanglement requires a save vs. strength.