Mar 10, 2017

Drawings Inspired by Old-School DND

Now that Freebooters and Raiders! are in the bag, what's next for Night Owl Workshop?

A project idea I mentioned last year a "sketchbook" filled with drawings with original edition stats that could be used as a reference book at the gaming table is in the works. Here is a preview of the cover:

It took me a while to figure out the right format for it, then when I was at a convention someone made a comment to me when they flipped through a  Book of Drawings I was selling they said "if these drawings had stats on them I could use in my game I'd buy it." And it struck me exactly how the project should look and feel. It is going to be an eclectic menagerie of stuff that will be useful for a variety of gaming styles and campaigns. The closest analogy is probably the OSR fanzines like Wormskin or Knockspell, but even more varied with some sci-fi and sword & planet action in there. At any rate, I am deep into writing the descriptions and working out the stats for weird creatures, martian princesses, pirates, space ships, and the undead!

Update: I've put this project on the back burner and set it for slow simmer. It turned out to be more time intensive than expected as well as a challenge to write. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but as ideas come to me I may write them down and complete this book.