May 11, 2016

Mystery Location

I've been neglecting this blog, as happens on occasion, because I've been busy working on Deluxe Judges Guild, an adventure for Warriors of the Red Planet, and the Beasties monster book. So, so close to being done!
My morning routine is getting the kids off to school, sitting down with coffee, checking email and RSS feeds (lots of great old-school blogs!), and doing some warm up sketches. All before starting the day's work.
This month I've been participating in a little artist thing called #maysketchday, which you can see on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. The sketches I've been doing would make good inspirational material for a fantasy adventure or adventuring locales. This one could be particularly useful as a visual.

"As the sun sets and the twinkling stars appear to light the night, silhouetted by a full moon is the ancient spire of Tal-Marduk. It is said that atop the rugged heights is the lonely haunt of a great hermit mage who uncovered the very secrets of transmutation. Scaling it could be dangerous, but might be worth the risk..."

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