May 13, 2016

Beasties is Available

Beasties, a collection of monsters, creatures, strange beings, traps, and encounters compatible with the Original Fantasy RPG and similar systems, is now available live on Lulu and DriveThruRPG.

27 Monsters
6 NPC's
37 Drawings
5 Maps
1 "Megadungeon" sample

Print edition on Lulu

PDF on DriveThruRPG

I did several homages to classic illustrations, new takes on some old stuff, and a bunch of brand new content all in the spirit of "OSR".

Every time I do a book I think this won't be too hard, I'll just write up some stuff, do some drawings, lay it out and publish it. Then the reality hits of just how much goes into making a good work, and all the details it takes to finish something. So this took longer than expected, but its out there now!

Note that the PDF/Book combo will be available on DriveThruRPG as soon as the print copy is approved. It is a process that takes about a week or two. I'll definitely mention it here when its available.

I'm still working on the adventure for Warriors of the Red Planet, if all goes well it'll be available early next week. Now that Beasties is done I'll have less distraction.