May 26, 2016

Bob Maurus - obscure TSR artist

In November of 1984 Issue 91 of Dragon magazine came out. It had a number of interesting articles, but one that really caught my eye was "Nine Hells Revisited" by Ed Greenwood. It was sort of a follow up to the popular Nine Hells articles from back in issues 75 and 76.

For some reason I really liked the artwork that accompanied the article, which was drawn by Bob Maurus. For a few months afterwards I filled my sketchbook with drawings of the Nine Hells inspired by Bob's style. I wish I still had that sketchbook, but it is long lost. Looking back at the work now I still have nostalgia for it.

Bob went on to illustrate an article in Dragon #95, but his most well known work is probably the cover and interiors of Ghost of Lion Castle.

D&D module BSOLO: Ghost of Lion Castle, TSR, 1984

"Nine Hells Revisited" by Ed Greenwood, Dragon magazine No. 91, TSR, November 1984.

“Mobility: If you can get a flying steed, use it.” (Bob Maurus, from “Battles above the dungeon: Basic combat tactics for the wide-open spaces” by Tim W. Brown, Dragon Magazine No. 95, March 1985.)


  1. Nice find. I assume this is him:

    1. I think that's him. I was hoping to find more of his artwork online, but not much luck.

  2. Heh, thanks. I was looking for that article in Dragon #95 a few weeks back but didn't have the time to comb through the archives. I love that four-weapon fighter image.

  3. Pig faced orcs are always a welcome sight to these tired old eyes.

  4. Cool post. I'd never even noticed his name before!