Mar 27, 2011

A Review of the Original Dungeoneer

In 2003 a little game called Dungeoneer was published. I poured my heart and soul into the game, and it was incredibly difficult to make. I had this idea: a genuine dungeon crawl in a deck of cards. The game was well received, probably what the movie industry would call a "cult hit". It made enough money that I was compelled to create additional sets, but never enough that I could quit my full time job. I was just rereading this review by Shannon Applecline, who has been a supportive Dungeoneer reviewer from the beginning. It brought back old memories and is inspiring me to make the Dungeoneer RPG (which will probably be released as "Dungeoneer Deluxe") the best I can make it.


  1. I love your Dungeoneer games and look forward to your publishing the RPG...

  2. I am a Spanish fan. Although only two boxes left Dungeoneer in my language, I have all expansions and I love your game. Thank you very much for giving us something as good and much encouragement in your new role-playing game project.

    hopefully also be able to translate into Spanish.