Mar 6, 2011


Palanthion is the capitol of Dolmaranthuz - the most powerful empire in Tarniss. It boasts the tallest castle-palace in the world, home to emperor Kaelus the great. If you are a citizen of Dolmaranthuz, an "imperial", you are afforded special privileges that no foreigners get - access to the socialized system of the empire.

You may notice some subtle changes to the map card layout. I think it adds to the legibility of the map cards, and makes the game better. (the final Peril/Glory value of the card hasn't been settled yet, so I've left that off. Playtesting, playtesting...this game needs to be awesome).


  1. Wow. I can't wait to see this game. I've been a big fan of map cards since the Lidless Eye Middle Earth Card game. Glad to see them in the Dungeoneer RPG!!!

  2. As usual, very impressive. And regarding playtesting: yes, please! I'd much rather wait than get a sloppily playtested game :)