Mar 1, 2011

Inspirational Image of the Week: Esteban Maroto

If you're reading this blog you probably have an affinity for what some would consider really bad amateur art. The art by Greg Bell in the original D&D books fill you with warm fuzzy feelings. The art by artists such as Sutherland, McLean, and La Force send a thrill up your leg like Chris Matthews watching an Obama speech. Yeah, I know how you feel, I get the same thrill. That warm feeling is called nostalgia, it's a wonderful thing.

Well, interestingly, I only recently discovered Esteban Maroto - the ridiculously talented artist who Greg Bell unapologetically lifted from. Maroto really was a very skilled artist, and I'm surprised it took so long for me to discover his work. This artist has molded my aesthetic more than I knew. Comparing his art to contemporary fantasy artists I'd say he was ahead of his time in many ways, and holds his own quite well. Even in this digital age that has allowed artists to be more prolific than ever.


  1. I really like Maroto as well, though i'm only passing familiar with his work.

  2. For some of his B&W work, I'd recommend chasing down the four "lavishly" 'Illustrated Conan Novels' line that Maroto did for Ace Science Fiction/Fantasy published in the 1980s...

    'The Flame Knife' is my favourite!

  3. I've been rediscovering the pulp illustrators from my childhood too. Of Maroto's work, I'd recommend issue #59 of EERIE. It collects his jaw-dropping fantasy stories "translated" as Dax the Damned.