Mar 1, 2011

Hand Drawn Maps are the Best

As much as I love what digital tools can do for us, there is nothing more compelling to me than a map hand drawn from the imagination of some artist or designer or other creative type.
In an era where we see more fantasy maps than we can shake a stick at, it is always refreshing to see a hand drawn map. Especially when they are as well done as these maps by Mike posted on his Sword +1 blog.


  1. Thomas: there are many excellent hand-drawn maps in the Megadungeons forum at Knights & Knaves @ and at Dragonsfoot @

    Both are well-worth checking out if you're a pen and ink fan.


  2. Cool! I'm drawing dungeon maps today for the game I'm running on Saturday night. :)

  3. Hand drawn maps are the best. I also like that the hand drawn map avoids all sorts of fancy effects and textures since then the DM can jot notes into the map.

  4. Obviously I'm a big fan too. Nothing turns my crank like a well drawn, hand-drawn map.

    I keep a collection of my own here