Oct 21, 2009

Soldier of Adventure: the Thief class

As I assured you in the last post, the writing in my first RPG was even worse than the art. As evidence, I've scanned in the pages describing the Thief class.
A wily character indeed! Hey, I was in jr. high, so maybe the bad grammar and juvenile writing is forgivable.

Considering how many times I've seen attempts at making a suitable Thief class for OD&D, I think this one could be as good a contender as any. I kid.

The infrequent postings of late are due to a number of life factors. Last week I went to Montreal Canada to visit the fine art museum there for a showing of my favorite artist J.W. Waterhouse. Second, I've started a new job - well, really an old job, since I worked there before. And third my computer is getting unpredictable. Time to upgrade.


  1. nice 2d6 rolls for your thief skills - i'm using something similar Dyson Logos came up with. all hail the d6!

  2. Yay Montreal! I always thought the nymphs were going to drag poor Nylus into the pond and drown him.