Oct 12, 2009

Free Retro Clones

I'm compiling a link list of all the available free retro clones of note available on the interwebs. I'm sure I've missed quite a few, so if you can point me to more I'll be happy to add them to the link list.

So far I've got:


  1. Depending on how you define "retroclone", Microlite74 counts, particularly version 2.0. It's designed to be compatible with the other retroclones, at least.

  2. Oh, and the 3.5 SRD may be free, but how is it a retroclone?

  3. OSRIC should definitely be in your list.

    The Mazes and Monsters link appears to be broken.

  4. Engines & Empires is a wonderful new campaign setting and game based on LL, described as a cross "between heroic high fantasy and Victorian gaslight romance". I read through the free PDF on Saturday morning and had ordered a hardcopy by noon.

  5. Off the top of my head :

    - Basic Fantasy
    - Dungeonslayers
    - Spellcraft & Swordplay
    - OSRIC
    - Battleaxe

    Sorry, no links. You'll have to google them.

  6. Firstly, I should point out that by including a game such as M&M, your use of the term "retro-clone" is incorrect. It could be useful to read the words of the man credited with creating the phrase:


    However, in the spirit of anything goes, here are a few more to add to the list:

    ZeFRS (Conan RPG clone):


    BFRPG: http://www.basicfantasy.org/main.html

    Encounter Critical (like M&M, not a clone):


    The All-Seeing Eye (clone of the German rpg Das Schwarze Auge):


    And of course you mustn't forget another non-clone - Mutant Future:


  7. d20srd.org is also a great resource for d20 gaming. It's cross-referenced via hyperlinks, which makes it very handy.

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  9. @Nellisir

    I see you have removed your comment where you asked about a free version of Spellcraft & Swordplay, so I figure you've found it. Just in case you haven't, Jason Vey offers a free basic version of his game here:


  10. Thanks everyone for the great responses!
    Sorry, I used the term "retro clone" way too loosely.

    For lack of a better term...perhaps I'll just call it "old school RPG's" or something along those lines.

  11. I'm terrible with posting links in comments, but if you check my blog, you'll find links to several rc's down the right-hand side, including a couple not mentioned here, like 4C (a Marvel rc), GORE(runequest?), and Star Frontiersman (3 guesses... :)

  12. I only recently discovered the retro-clones myself and went on a download spree last week, scarfing up every retro game, adventure and accessory I could find. The folder was over 500 MB when I stopped and I know I missed a few things.

  13. A scifi retro game X-plorers! http://greyarea.webs.com