Aug 25, 2009


You are a combat specialist. With weapon in hand you are a terrible force of nature cutting through opponents like a farmer harvesting wheat.

You show great vigor, courage, and competence in battle. You are the first line of defense in your party. You can deal out immense damage and absorb wounds that would kill an ordinary man. You protect the weaker members of the party, giving wizards time to cast their spells, afford paladins enough time to call on their gods, and provide cover for the scouts to do their handiwork.

While your melee aptitude is second to none, you are inexperienced in the forces of magic and have the least magic ability of all classes. But you more than make up for this lack of mystical knowledge with your powerful sword arm and raging bloodlust. As you gain experience the other party members will learn powerful spells and gain various strange special abilities, but you will only get better at fighting. You will deal more damage, aim more accurately, and hit more foes than anyone else.Melee aptitude: pay any # of Glory, add this # to your next Melee attack.
Rapid strike: on a Melee hit you inflict 2 wounds, and hit in the case of a tie.
War cry: you and your allies gain +2 Melee for the duration of this encounter. This ability may be used once per encounter and uses 1 Melee attack.
Stronghold: you establish a stronghold to begin ruling your kingdom from, gathering peasants and warriors to your banner.

Hope this provides some idea of what a character class write up will look like in the Dungeoneer RPG. Wonder if anyone can guess what the mysterious acronyms QP is?

I know it must seem like I've abandoned this project, but I assure you it is still in development. There have been some major impediments I'll write about some day.


  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here ... quest points?

    Good to hear things are still moving forward. I'm still looking forward to buying the RPG.

    I was in my FLGS yesterday, asking when they will have the reprint of Tomb, they said it should arrive from the distributor in mid-Sept.


  2. By the way, thanks for the speak peak! Love it, particularly the warrior's old-school "stronghold" ability at immortal level.

  3. Yes, I'll guess "quest points", too, as it looks like quest level progression in the XCG.

    I'm looking forward to buying the RPG, too.

    From what I can tell so far in your description of the warrior, we can expect a traditional "party" of characters.

    I know it might not be in your rules, but I would love it if it were possible as optional rules to play against an "automated" Dungeon lord deck.

    I think this method is used in one of the Cthulhu boardgames. The idea would be that you could have 2 or 3 people playing in a party cooperatively against random-deck controlled challenges, perhaps with a boss waiting at the end.

    It would make the game unique from traditional RPGs that demand someone in the role of DM, and it is something only the Dungeoneer game could pull off due to its card based nature.

    I think the XCG has unofficial solitare rules out there, perhaps they can be adapted..?

    Please ignore my rambling if this is already in the works.

  4. Quest Points it is! It was an easier guess than I thought.

    The next article I write should be to explain how QP works.

    A co-op mode that requires no Dungeonlord (where a Dungeonlord deck automates that role) is a must-have feature I think.

  5. I like standard character archetypes. I think they provide a convenient and useful shorthand for roleplaying.

    From my perspective, when playing a rules-light game, I want clear and simple mechanics to handle special abilities. If the character is not archetypal, it may become more difficult for me to understand its special abilities.

  6. Ah, will absolutely love that co-op mode. It's one of the things I enjoy the most about the card game vs traditional RPGs.

    Looking forward to more sneak peeks!