Tomb of the Lich Lord reprint

Atlas Games has reported that they've reprinted Tomb of the Lich Lord and it will be in stores soon. This item has been unavailable for some time now and I'm glad to see it back in stock because it is as close to a "base set" as Dungeoneer has. Though all Dungeoneer sets can be played alone or combined with other sets.

So don't pay any more for it then retail price. (Unless of course you want to support this site and get a signed copy along with original art)

I don't think any changes have been made to the cards, but it is likely to have the latest rules in it (v2.3).


Wiggelsworth said...

Awesome news! I have the other five 110 card sets, but this one has eluded me until now.

Also, looking forward to the release of the RPG, here's hoping things are still on track. Any chance you will be giving us some sneak peaks as you get closer to the release date?

Will be watching your site for more news on the RPG game!


heintzelman said...

Any update on reprints of the two smaller sets: Den of the Wererats and Haunted Woods of Malthorin?

Thomas Denmark said...

I've heard nothing more about those sets. When I turned the art in for the reprint (had to make minor changes like updating the copyright dates and such, but no actual changes to the game) I also updated those smaller sets.

heintzelman said...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the info. I still have three big box sets to pick up so that should keep me busy for awhile. :)


Wiggelsworth said...

THanks for the update on the smaller sets, I would love to see those published together.

Anything you can say about the RPG?


W.Robinson Mason III said...

Very nice indeed. I was looking for a "basic" set when I purchased Ice Witch from someone offering it new on E-bay.

BTW, if you get onto Facebook I'll gladly become a fan of Dungeoneer there. More exposure!