Aug 7, 2009

John Carter of Mars Production Listing

Edgar Rice Burrough's Mars series is one of the inspirations for OD&D. So the news that a blockbuster movie is on track to being a reality, directed by the astounding Andrew Stanton (Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, Wall-E), is reason to celebrate.

This movie has been in development hell for so long, and has had so many false starts, it's hard to believe it may finally get made. Another important milestone has been reached, it has a production listing and is scheduled to begin shooting in January 2010.
John Carter of Mars (Sci-fi). Taylor Kitsch stars as John Carter, a Civil War soldier transported to Mars, where warring races vie for control. Directed by Andrew Stanton. Based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Casting: Marcia Ross, Marcia Ross Casting, 500 S. Buena Vista, St. 210-D, Team Disney Bldg., Burbank, CA 91521. Shoots in January 2010.
One thing I find interesting about this is the title, this looks to be a trilogy (and by all reports will be). John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars is likely to be the full title of the 1st movie.

This has deep personal meaning to me. Iain McCaig was a principle concept artist, and he was very influential on my development as an artist after he gave a lecture at my art school and left many originals on display. He is simply one of the best living draughstmen IMHO. Also the Burrough's books are classics in the genre - fast paced, packed with imagination, and a thrill ride.

Andrew Stanton knows story and knows how to deliver on an emotional level. Just watch the intro to Toy Story 2 and try to tell me he can't make an epic sci-fi flick.


  1. My grandfather was a big fan of the Burroughs Mars books. Though I've read some of his Tarzan stuff and enjoyed the tales when I was 10, and own a number of (my grandfather's) G&D reprints of the Mars stories (including Princess) I am skeptical about whether someone who directed animated, supposed kids movies, could pull this off in anything more than a laughable fashion. I'm not sure they even deserve treatment as feature films. But what do I know?

  2. And Toy Story is scifi? Come on!

  3. Yes I must admit that a director of animation hardly fills me with confidence that this bloke will do justice to the books.

  4. I have the complete opposite reaction of the other commentors. I can't think of someone better. From his resume, this guy clearly understands the elements of story, how to create empathetic characters, how to build a setting that becomes a character in its own right, and the cutting-edge of special effects tech.

  5. I'm fine with pixar and the director. I have a bad feeling about Taylor Kitsch though. He's awfully pretty for pulp sword and planet. He apparently played Gambit in that Wolverine movie, I didn't see it.

  6. I have supreme confidence in Andrew Stanton's ability to deliver. Remember people scoffed that Peter Jackson, whose biggest claim to faim at the time was The Frighteners, could do anything with LOTR, that in fact Tolkein's epic would be impossible to translate effectively to film.

    Taylor my mind John Carter was always more like Hugh Jackman, so I was dissapointed by this casting choice. However, I recall also being dissapointed that Liv Tyler was cast for Arwen, but I was wrong she did great!

    Howarth: I didn't say Toy Story, I said the INTRO to Toy Story 2, which was pure pulse pounded sci-fi awesomeness. You haven't seen it, go watch it.