Jun 29, 2021

Magic the Dungeons and Dragons Gathering

 I haven't played Magic in years. I've probably mentioned before (several times even) that my infatuation with the game was short lived. When I played I got really into it for about 6 months. Obsessively so. Then one day I caught myself spending $90 on a rare card for my deck and said wait a minute, this is insane. I quit cold turkey.

I still admire the art, they have a huge art budget and have supported some of the greatest fantasy art talent in the history of illustration. It is really remarkable when you look at the quality of art now compared to the early 90's. As a working illustrator it can be both inspiring and intimidating.

As I only occasionally pay attention these days to new M:tG sets, this one really caught my eye! Do the cards really look like this? If so I will be sorely tempted to buy some packs. Maybe even, heaven forbid, play a game or two.


Update: artists are starting to drop more preview card images and I gotta say, they look amazing. This one by DiTerlizzi.

Obviously inspired by this classic cover:

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