Jun 6, 2021

Fight On! Compilations

 I've picked up a few copies of Fight On! magazine over the years, but recently I decided to fill out my collection. When I looked into it I found on the Ignatius Umlaut Lulu page there are compilations of issues 1-4, 5-8, and 9-11  Each issue is packed full of useful material, but when you get the compilations you can really appreciate the quantity and quality. Each article feels passionately created, mostly from direct experience at the gaming table. It reminds me of the best years of early Dragon magazine crossed with some of the best thing about the Judges Guild periodicals. The website seems to stall out at issue 11, but the Lulu store has up to issue 14. 

I'll be digging into more details in the coming weeks as I read through them. 

A message from my dog Loki

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