Aug 13, 2020

Indentured Guardian

Indentured Guardian

HD: 4
AC: 16
Atk: 1 weapon (1d6)
Save: 13
Move: 9
CL/XP: 6/500
Special: paralyze, immune to sleep & charm, ward

An indentured guardian is a guard posted to protect an entrance who was enchanted to be ever vigilant even beyond death.

Their attack can cause paralyzation if the victim fails a saving throw. Paralyzation lasts 2-7 rounds (1d6+1). A guardian will not attack a paralyzed character.

If the object of its protection is breached the indentured guardian will crumble to dust in a howling, screaching, terrifying collapse as it has failed in its duty. Sometimes (1 in 6 chance) ancient wards are placed on the entrance to be triggered by the howls of a guardian.

Wards (roll 1d6)

  1. Poisonous gas fills the area all within 20’ radius Save or die.
  2. Fiery blast incinerates; all within 5’ radius take 3d6 damage, within 10’ radius take 2d6 damage, within 20’ radius take 1d6 damage. Save for half.
  3. Electric bolts zap, all within 20’ radius take 2d6 damage. Save for half.
  4. Acid floods the ground, Dex check or take 2d6 damage and footwear is ruined.
  5. Sonic attack, all within 20’ radius take 2d6 damage and blood discharges from eyes, ears, and nose. Save for half.
  6. Disenchantment aura, 1 magic item chosen randomly loses its enchantment. Spells cannot be cast in the immediate area for 1-6 hours. 

From the original Beasties