Jul 1, 2020

APoM Design Diary #16 - Dak Kova

Dak Kova
Green Martian, Warhoon, 5th level Fighting Man
Armor Class: 5 [15]
Hit Dice: 6+6
Move: 120'
Attacks: longsword, and shortsword or pistol or tusks
Damage: 1d8, and 1d6 or 1d12 or 2d4
No. Appearing: 1 (unique)
Save: F5
Morale: 7
Treasure Type: A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
XP Value: 700
Social Status: 12
Str: 12 (+0), Dex: 12 (+0), Con: 16 (+2), Wis: 15 (+1), Int: 10 (+0), Chr: 8 (-1)
Equipment: longsword, shortsword, pistol (x2).
Dak Kova is a Green Martian from the horde of Warhoon. He was a Jed until he challenged and killed the Jeddak Bar Comas and assumed leadership of the Warhoons. The conflict resulted from a disagreement over the fate of John Carter following his capture by the Warhoons, though Dak Kova had regarded Bar Comas as weak and unfit to rule and needed little excuse to usurp his position.

Bar Comas had much the better of the battle, as he was stronger, quicker, and more intelligent. It soon seemed that the encounter was done, saving only the final death thrust, when Bar Comas slipped in breaking away from a clinch. It was the one little opening that Dak Kova needed, and hurling himself at the body of his adversary he buried his single mighty tusk in Bar Comas's groin and with a last powerful effort ripped the young jeddak wide open the full length of his body, the great tusk finally wedging in the bones of bar Comas's jaw. Victor and vanquished rolled limp and lifeless upon the moss, a huge mass of torn and bloody flesh.
- A Princess of Mars, Chapter 18, Chained in Warhoon

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