Jul 31, 2020

APoM Design Diary #18 - Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris
Red Martian, 9th level Noble
Armor Class: 8 [12]
Hit Dice: 9/36hp
Move: 90'
Attacks: shortsword or pistol
Damage: 1d6 or 1d12
No. Appearing: 1
Save: C9
Morale: 12
XP Value: 100
Str: 10 (+0), Dex: 13 (+1), Con: 14 (+1), Wis: 16 (+2), Int: 15 (+1), Chr: 19 (+3)
Social Status: 19 (+3)
Equipment: Shortsword, Pistol, Tissue Regenerator, Tri-Chorder, Remote Starter, Metal War Bikini

Dejah Thoris is described as the incomparable Princess of Mars. She is the quintessence of feminine beauty and grace. She is skilled in courtly and royal etiquette, as well as all womanly pursuits and charms. She commands the loyalty of the soldiers of Helium - the preeminent city on Mars inhabited by the race of Red Men. She is a true daughter of Helium, willing to risk her life to defend her home city and people.

Dejah Thoris has bronze skin of flawless complexion, jet black hair, and an ideal figure that she makes no attempt to conceal as there is no shame in nudity on Barsoom. Even the toughest most grizzled warriors tremble at her mere presence. Such is her incredible beauty that few males can resist her persuasions.

On occasion she participates in scientific expeditions on the marvelous sky ships of Barsoom, it was on one of these occassions her ship was destroyed by green martians and she was captured at the same time Captain Carter was in their captivity. She eventually fell in love and married him.

Her loyal affections are to Captain Carter. The only thing likely to faze her calm demeanor is her husband being in peril.

How do you draw the most beautiful woman in the galaxy? For starters you don't even try. You try to draw a character with a personality and hope for the best. I tried to make her fierce and attractive at the same time.

This description was cobbled together from a few sources and my recollections from the book. It is a work in progress and likely to change quite a bit in the final adventure. I was considering making her either the helpless maiden-in-distress (like the book), or giving her a little bit of fighting ability, or to do what the movie did and make her a Scientist. Then I recalled the Alien Noble class by James Maliszewski described on the Grognardia blog which is nearly perfect and now I need to make a whole adaptation of the class for Warriors of the Red Planet.

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