Dec 22, 2017

Beastie: the furious Fallen One

What's this, two beasties in the same week? Merry Christmas! Or, maybe, considering the content of this post merry Krampusnacht. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. These beasties posts tend to be among the most popular, and I do enjoy drawing them and designing their stats. I'm thinking in the New Year of being more regular about posting lots more nasty little critters to challenge your characters with.

A lot of times these beasties start out as rough drawings in my sketchbook. This one I'd inked quite a while back, but it really wasn't up to par. While developing Beasties II this entry used that art. When it came time to post this mean little bastard I couldn't bring myself to post that old art, so I redrew, inked and colored him. Here it is five in the morning on the west coast and I'm about to hit the publish button. I hope you like.

Fallid Einn (Fallen One)
HD 8
AC 22
Atk 3-16
Save 11
Move 12/ fly 18
CL/XP 12/800
Special: control lesser demons, insanity field, immune to non-magical weapons

The depths of the abyss will occasionally spew forth a monstrosity known as a fallen one called Fallid Einn in the elder tongue. These are unfortunate creatures that have fallen so deep into the darkness and chaos that they have gone beyond madness to a level of insanity inconceivable to the sane mind. Their only thought is of slaughter and vengeance at all times.

Any demon of lesser HD within sight of a Fallen One will immediately succumb to its utter and complete control. If there is good cause the game master may allow the creature to make a Save to resist a command.

A fallen one radiates a field of insanity. All within a 20' radius must make a Save or be affected. Opponents who succumb will have difficulty focusing and coordinating with allies and also suffer -2 to all attacks. Other demons will go into a berserker rage having +2 on all attacks, but suffering a -1 penalty to AC.

Fallen ones usually attack in hordes. It is not unusual to see groups of 10-40 all intent on murder.

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