Dec 20, 2017

Beastie of the Week: the egregious Egren

HD 5+1
AC 14
Atk by weapon type ML 1d12, RNG 1d6
Save 13
Move 12 (Fly 3)
CL/XP 6/360
Special: fly, mirror image, protection from normal missiles, shape change

In ages past a clan of Ogre Magi was separated by a great storm and isolated on a desert island whose only inhabitants were feral ogres. Over time they interbred and created a new hybrid known as Egren.
Egren have some of the magical powers of their Magi lineage and all of the brutishness and might of there feral ancestors.

They are nearly indistinguishable from common ogres except being a bit stockier and a little wiser eyed. Detect magic will uncover that they exude a faint magical aura. These ogres have a deep ruddy tint to their skin, short tusks protruding from their mouths, and stand 8 to 9 feet tall. They are somewhat more intelligent than normal ogres, and are found in isolated areas far from civilization, often they inhabit crude residences or dwell in ruins. They dress primitively with what they can find since they don't manufacture fabric, this means they often wear garments taken from their victims.

An egren has the magical ability to invoke one spell-like effect at the beginning of a battle. This can be either protection from normal missiles (+4 AC vs. all non-magical missiles) or create a single mirror image of itself, as with the spell mirror image, the illusory double will disappear when it is hit.

Once per day an egren can shape change for 1-4 hours and appear like a normal adult sized humanoid like an elf or human. They're voice however remains unusually bass and gravely and the air will be slightly, but perceptibly cooler within a 10' radius of them. With great concentration an egren can magically fly very slowly with poor maneuverability, they cannot engage in combat while flying.

Female egren are rarely seen, reports are that they are roughly the same size but dress more decoratively and have the same abilities.

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