Leaf Nosed Dragon

Another card preview for the Dungeoneer RPG. This is a Leaf Nosed Dragon. They can be found in the heights of the Shadowhaven mountains, though they occasionally reside in deep forests, particularly when brooding.

Here is a detail of the illustration:
Yep, I flipped it for the card. Many of my illustrations are done digitally, but for the Dungeoneer RPG I'm trying to do as many in real paint (acrylics) as I have time for. This one is 10"x14" acrylic on Arches hot press watercolor block.


Ara Kooser said...

That's pretty awesome. Do all monsters have a home terrain where they gain bonuses?

Mike said...

What are the dots by the magic and might symbols?

Thomas Denmark said...

ara: thanks. no.
mike: hits

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Lovely. Still stoked about the Dungeoneer RPG.

Havn't heard any recent news about whether Atlas will re-release the wererats and haunted woods decks.