Character Sheet Sampler

A Dungeoneer RPG character sheet. Human Warrior at 1st level with 1 melee, 0 magic, 2 speed, 6 life, 7 peril, 8 glory. His culture is "Ancient" and his calling is "Renown".


A Paladin In Citadel said...

Beauty. Glad to hear this continues to move forward. Did anything ever come of the plans to re-release Den and Malthorin?

Pierre said...

Hi Thomas,

I recently discovered this amazingly fun card game and as I was looking for more information on available sets I stumbled upon this page. Looking even further I saw that the RPG was planned to be released in 2007... Are you able to provide any more details on an approximate release date? Also, are there more sets planned for the card game itself?

Thank you for your time.

Thomas Denmark said...

No release date yet.

This is an expansion to the card game and the only one I have in the works. (Though I do have a document called "Dungeoneer Scenarios" I may finish which has pre-constructed scenarios you can use with the cards)

Pierre said...

Excellent, thanks for taking the time to reply, Thomas. I'll be looking forward to playing that expansion!

Best of luck in this endeavour.