Oct 22, 2010

Down in the Dungeon

I've never heard of Down in the Dungeon before, but it is one of the most "old school" things I have ever seen.
Searching around on the interwebs I see this has been discussed before here. I'm really enjoying this art! It is all pre-Elmore/Parkinson/Caldwell/Easley influenced D&D art. Though definitely some Frazetta inspiration going on. There is something about the fan-made crudeness I like about it.

More here.


  1. The art in that product is fantastic.

  2. At the time second-rate, but now, dripping with old-school atmosphere. The two orcs (one shooting) appear to be copied from a Hildebrandt piece, IIRC. I particularly love the dungeons.

  3. I have had a copy of this for ages. I got another one in an eBay auction a couple years ago, too, because I want a copy I can thumb through and not feel too bad about using.

    I'd love to see it statted up for gaming.

  4. That fourth one is a nasty trap.

    Imagine yourself getting sweaty with the giant caterpillar and suddenly it turns into a woman.

  5. Thomas---

    I've got a spare copy I'd be happy to trade to you sometime, if you're interested?


  6. grodog: aww, I already bought a copy from Amazon. thanks for the offer.