Character Sheet Sampler

With each revision the Character Sheets having gotten simpler, tighter, and more refined. We've boiled the game down to its essence without losing any verisimilitude. This has been one of the most difficult parts to design. Creating a Character is now 3 Steps:
  1. Deal a Character Sheet to each player. (analogous to "class")
  2. Deal 1 Culture card to each player. (somewhat analogous to "race")
  3. Deal 1 Calling card to each player. (vaguely analogous to "alignment")


Here is a sample of some of the Character Sheets that will be included in the set:

I'm particularly happy with the way all your stats are tracked on a single bar at the top of the sheet where it is easy for everyone to see. Peril, Glory, Melee, Magic, Speed, Life - all on 1 tracker.


Daniel Yankowsky said...

Looks nice! Can you go into more detail about how you track all those values on a single tracker? Will you use different counters for the different values?

Thomas Denmark said...

Yep. You place symbol tokens, like the peril token you place on the tracker to indicate how much peril you have. Each token comes in two flavors "normal" and "+10". So if you have over 10 you would then use the +10 (for example: for 14 place a +10 token on 4).

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Me likee! So the cards get placed in the two zones to the right of the character illustration?

kalecommando said...

Can't wait!

Ara Kooser said...

Great!! Very happy to see those.

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering which will come first your RPG or George R.R. Martin's "A Dance With Dragons" book vote is your Dungeoneer RPG will win ..(-;