Jun 3, 2022

Wizard Tower - Cancerous Spire of Hyjel the Pestilential Harbinger

 Every era has a harbinger that represents the Spirit of the Age. At the end of the reign of the Eldritch Lords the darkest Harbinger, named Hyjel arrived who represented pestilence. Hyjel, whose name means cancerous rot in the foul tongue of demons, built a sinister spire that spread cancer throughout the land, a darkened blot on the peaceful countryside.

A conclave of wizards, clerics of light, and paladins joined forces to conquer Hyjel. A great battle ensued and Hyjel was forced to flee back to the Abyss he came from. His tower however remained, a dark and malevolent force that may contain great treasures and knowledge of dark sorceries.

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