Jun 1, 2022

Kublacon 2022

 If I had any marketing sense whatsoever I would have talked up Kublacon 2022 before it happened, to let people know that I'll be there with lots of old-school gaming goodies.

This is the first convention I've attended since the covid lockdowns and I was a bit rusty. Going through all my show material that was in storage for two years was a dusty cobweb filled adventure. I uncovered some long forgotten gems and also found I didn't have as many Night Owl Workshop RPG books on hand as I thought. I also only had a few art prints, mostly from the Book of Valkyries project available. 

The day before the show I printed a hard copy of the Gunslinger RPG at a local copy shop to have a proof to show at the convention. I needed to make a proof anyways because many of the mistakes leap out at you that are easily overlooked on the computer screen. But that's for another post.

A ran a silent auction for an original D&D 7th printing that did not have its original box, but I added a set of GameScience "ugly dice" (the best old-school dice ever made) and a notorious Dark Dungeons tract (in mint condition). I thought it would be a great way to get a little buzz around my booth. It did not go well and sold for a measly $120. So someone got a heck of a deal, probably putting it on eBay right now where they will get double or even triple that amount.

While rummaging around in storage I found some old sealed Magic: the Gathering booster blocks from the Lorwyn set I worked on. Checking around for prices I saw they were going for $1k or more! So I put them on my table, a couple guys came and bought them right away. They were very happy, which tells me they got a good deal. That helped pay for the booth and the hotel room, so the show wasn't a total loss.

I brought a copy of my Hawkmoor Boardgame to playtest and it went very well! I'm excited to get that game finished, it is probably the best design I've managed to put together. Yet another topic for another post. 

Talking to the staff I found out the attendee numbers were a little shy of pre-covid levels, while not great it was still alright. All in all it was an enjoyable return to some sort of normalcy.

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