Jun 2, 2022

Gunslinger Update

The ship date for the printed book is still expected to be end of June. The PDF is running a bit late, but that is to be expected. Much better to catch as many typos and errors as possible rather than rushing out to meet a deadline. The writing is done, though I am having more adventure hooks and maps made up until the date it has to go to press.

It has an additional class since the last update: Muckraker (a hardened journalist out for a story). Also, lots of new critters.

The biggest hold up is the art. While I've drawn a lot of sketches and a few finished ink compositions, I wanted to wait until layout is complete so I can know the precise size each art piece needs to be. And we are almost there.

I had a proof copy printed so I could review a physical version, so many more of the errors can be caught that way. After staring at it on the computer screen for months it allows me to see it fresh. First thing I noted was the font size is too large. By reducing the font size by 1 point it gave the pages a little more room to breath and more room for art. Also reading through it I caught several minor typos and a few places where things could be worded better.

If there is one area I could spend more time on it would be in detailing out the strange science devices. There are a lot of them, but some of them are a bit vague in the details. I actually didn't want to get too specific in order to let the Referee customize them to his/her specific game.

All in all I'm feeling good about completing it this month, I expect to be posting some more art over the next few updates.

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