Oct 28, 2016

Raiders Character Creation: Deep Phobia

Snakes! Why did it have to be SNAKES???

Deep Phobia

Each character may choose one specific thing in which they have a high level of phobia. If they choose this they may add +1 to any single ability of their choice. This phobia can be the dark, rats, snakes, or any other relatively common thing that may be encountered on an adventure.

When faced with their phobia a character must make a Luck roll in order to act, if they fail they will be paralyzed and unable to perform any actions for 1d4 rounds. The GM may adjudicate other responses to the character’s deep phobia depending on the situation.

What is this Luck roll? Well, in some ways it is just a fancy name for a Saving Throw, but the specifics are for another time and another article.