Oct 28, 2016

Jaw-Bellied Demon

Monster of the Week!

This is the first post of a series I hope to make a regular here featuring a new monster each week. These creatures are intended to be OGL so you can use them in your own adventures and even publish them in your own game books. Each entry will include an original drawing created specifically for this column.

Jaw-Bellied Demon
Fangh Albatn Shaytan
Habitat abyss
HD 6+6
AC 26
Atk ML 2d4x2 (claws), 2d6 (bite)
Save 13
Move 12
CL/XP  9/2,750 + 12/hp
Special: +1 or better magic weapon to hit, Insatiable hunger, Lie feeder, Aura of despair, Word of discord, Cursing blasphemies

These abominable creatures from the depths of the abyss have low intelligence but huge appetites. Their face is on their abdomen with a huge maw on their belly.

Insatiable Hunger: a jaw-bellied demon is filled with a never ending need to feed, once it spots any warm prey it will become ravenous and will have +2 on all attacks on that particular victim until it is dead, then it will begin feeding on it to the exclusion of noticing anything else. It then becomes vulnerable suffering a -2 penalty to AC.

Lie Feeder: any lie told within it’s hearing range will temporarily give it 1d4 hp for the duration of this encounter.

Aura of Despair: anyone within a 20’ radius of a jaw-bellied demon must save or suffer -1 to all attack rolls and -2 to all save rolls for the duration of the encounter.

Word of Discord: this takes 1 round to perform, all characters within hearing range who fail a save will not agree on course of actions with other player characters for the duration of the encounter. This must be carefully moderated by the GM.

Cursing Blasphemies: the language of a jaw-bellied demon is so foul it can cause those within hearing range who fail to save to suffer 1-3 points of damage and begin bleeding from their ears, they will be deaf for 1-6 rounds. This causes a -1 penalty to AC.

The creature stats are OGL, the illustration is © Thomas Denmark.