Oct 31, 2016

Mystery Map - Rathgar's Tomb

The return of an old favorite topic: Mystery Maps. This time in glorious isometric.

Rathgar was a brutal warlord who conquered the lands around his territory. He became fabulously wealthy by the time he entered his old age. He spared no expense in building a grand tomb to rest his body for all eternity in. He hired the most powerful wizards and clever craftsmen to make an impenetrable sepulcher filled with deadly traps, horrific curses, and terrible guardians so that no one could rob him of his accumulated riches in the afterlife.

Situated on the edge of a treacherous cliff, surrounded by fetid waters, it is barely accessible even by the sure footed.

This map is open content for you to freely use in your own games, or even write up an adventure to publish on DriveThruRPG if you like. Enjoy.