Apr 13, 2016

Guardians Questions and Errata

Did the Gadget Creation section get rolled into Starting Gadgets (p.48)? I want to make sure nothing is missing.
On p. 49 after the paragraph Building Gadgets for your Friends the next paragraph that begins:

 "Worn Gadgets are..." should instead begin:
Gadget Creation: Worn gadgets are

(These paragraphs contain the additional gadget creation rules that were referenced earlier)

And how does the New Gadgets math work with character that have an Intelligence modifier over 10 (same page)?Yes. What is missing is two-word subhead!

NEW GADGETS math. We adjusted the BAM (base ability modifiers) late in the process so Guardians could accommodate a wider range of superheroes from normal human up to super-duper-man and beyond.
There are two corrections we are considering:
 * change it to -5% instead of -10% per point (which captures the original spirit of the rules)
 * add a parenthetical "(to a maximum -90%)

Will be posting an errata sheet once we get more feedback, so far there hasn't been too many.

Traits like Robotic Body, Computer Brain, Undead, and Super Training are mentioned but I can't find a formal description. Also, are there any modifiers to initiative?
Robotic Body and Computer Mind are not powers but rather the racial traits innate to the Cyborg and Robot origins. That is, the qualities of having an electrical body and a machine mind. Their effects were not spelled out in any one place. Rather, there are several references in the rules to how powers affect characters who have these traits: under Electrical Control, Repair HP, Illusion, EMP, Electrical Shock, lightning, magnetic control, neutralize power, transmutation, and sleep.

Undead is simply a descriptive optional trait you may take for a supernatural character that is included for the purpose of integration with other OSR games where certain characters have special powers against the undead (e.g., clerics, magic items that affect undead, etc.). As it's an optional trait , it has no 'cost'.

I created a Google doc that you can comment on. Here:

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