Jul 9, 2015

Guardians Preview - Powers!

In Guardians super powers fall into various categories depending on how they are used, how long they are in effect, and what action is required to bring the power into effect.

Energy Points (EP) are the primary resource to activate powers. (I should probably discuss these in detail in a later post).

Permanent (P) powers work all the time.

Sustained (S) powers can be activated or deactivated when it is a character’s time to act in a round.

Sustained/Round (SR) powers are as above but energy must be spent each round.

Concentration (C) powers require continuous concentration to use.

Extended Effort (EE) powers are touch attacks that require at least four hours of focused effort to maintain.

Action (A) powers replace the user’s attack for the round.

Ranged Attack (RA) powers are a bolt or projectile like a laser, energy bolt, arrow, or gunshot.

Area Attack (AA) powers cover a cone or circular blast radius.

Touch Attack (TA) powers requires the user to touch the target. Touch attacks often allow the target a charisma or constitution saving throw to resist.

Psychic Attack (PA) powers require the user to simply gaze at or concentrate on the target and pay the required energy points: this is typical of psychic or mystic powers and other exotic attacks. This hits automatically.