Jul 6, 2015

Guardians Preview - Gifts

If a character’s origin indicates he or she has any Gifts roll d100 the number of times their Origin indicates from the Gift Table. Gadgeteers and those with Super-Alien, Robot, or Supernatural origin may ALWAYS opt to take 1 gadget point per Gift instead of a rolling, representing possession of artifacts, inventions, or magic items. Would-be gadgeteers are encouraged to focus on gadget points.

D100 Gift
01-02 Detective
03-04 Diplomatic Immunity*
05-06 Entrepreneur
07-08 Hacker
09-10 Headquarters (or Lair)*
11-12 Leader*
13-14 Medical Background
15-16 Police Powers
17-18 Occultist
19-20 Rich*
21-22 Spy/Military Contacts
23-24 Sidekick*
25-26 Super Pet*
27-28 Super Star
29-30 Super Vehicle**
31-32 Vehicle Ace (pick Air, Ground, Space, or Water)**
33-40 Paragon (+1 to every ability score)
41-00 1 gadget point
* Unavailable when creating sidekicks or henchmen; instead treat as +1 gadget points.
** If this is rolled and the character has any Gifts left, may opt to select Vehicle Ace or Super Vehicle (whichever they don’t have) as the next gift.

If the same gift is rolled again, re-roll, with the exception of gadget points which accumulate multiple times or vehicle ace (can be rolled up to four times for each type of ace).

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