Jan 21, 2015

Warriors of the Red Planet Review Round-Up

Some reviews I've seen on the interwebs for WotRP.

So this is a set of Beta rules? Really!?  Because this whole game makes me want to sit down, grab some players, some dice, give out a few rule books as gifts, and play the hell out of this game as complete campaign. This book can be used as an addition too or as a stand alone game. My bottom line on Warriors of The Red Planet? Why haven't you purchased this book and are not playing on your Mars. This book gives you the tool kit to get your own OSR Martian campaign going today! Was it worth the wait! Yes! 

It is a good game. I give it a 7 bumped to an 8 because it is treading newish ground, bumped back down to a 7 because no pdf/table of contents, bumped back up to an 8 because it is a beta.
Also, @ Thomas Denmark if you are here- failing to release a product has exactly the impact on sales as it does on theft. Release the pdf. I can't even believe I have to say that in 2014. 2014, man. 2014.
Yes, yes of course I want to get the PDF out there, but there is more to the story than fears of theft. But I can't reveal all the plans for WotRP just yet, and I have other partners involved. You'll notice most reviewers are surprised it is even being called a beta - since it is really more complete and polished than a lot of OSR stuff. We are trying to cook up something very nice. But I want to get more setting material and flesh out aerial combat a bit more. Also more art. Before doing a real print run. Almost there...almost there...stay on target...

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