Oct 15, 2014

Chainmail Reformatted - Revisiting an Old Friend

I was recently rereading Chainmail and realizing my copy is getting a little battered. I thought it would be a good idea to type it into a text document and lay it out so I could print a copy and that way keep the original safe. In same ways its a little like a parody of what Wizards has been doing lately with all their reprints and special editions of old out of print products. Except this is more useful, since Chainmail has been increasingly difficult to get a hold of, and it wasn't like it had the best printing quality to begin with.
This is what the final result turned out like:
I've been posting the work in progress on the Original D&D discussion board here: http://odd74.proboards.com/thread/10407/reformatting-chainmail


  1. Looks really good so far and it's a cool project (especially a fan of reformatting specific troop types into stat blocks).

    Just BTW: I did order a copy of WotRP. It's been waiting for me in Seattle for the last couple months...I'm looking forward to reading it when I return in November!
    : )

  2. I've been looking at the ODD74 post (can't post there, proboards isn't cooperating). I wonder if you combat table might be clearer if you used a colon in place of one of the backslashes. Either for the dice to figure ratio or between the ratio and dice score required entry.

    e.g. 1:1/5,6 or 1/1:5,6

    Also, I believe there is a typo on the Hvy. Horse attacking Lt. Horse. It reads 2/1/5,5.

  3. Good point Stu. Based on yours' and other's feedback I've gotten about that table I'm changing it to read more clearly. Also, I'll fix that typo.