Jun 29, 2014

Warriors of the Red Planet RPG now available

-Whew-! That was a fair bit of work, but Warriors of the Red Planet RPG is now online ready for purchase. I decided to go with Lulu for now.

Remember this is a Beta edition, it has gone through multiple edits, still you may find occasional typos, some unclear passages, and some areas that could use a little more fleshing out. But it is at the point where it needs to be viewed and played by more people so we can get that feedback. (and please, discuss your experience with WotRP on our forum here: Platemail Forum)

While it may not yet be absolutely perfect, it is a damn fun read and I think you'll have a blast.

Right now it is only available as a print-on-demand book, but I verified the quality is very good. You will be happy to have this in your library.

For information on where to get it please visit the Studio Denmark blog.


  1. I know I should be the last person to ask this question (given my track record with my own books), BUT...is there any chance the Beta will be available as a PDF? I'm very interested in this, but I'm stuck in Paraguay for the next year and they don't have a postal system down here!


    1. So Correo Paraguayo is no good? Brazilian Postal service sucks too but It usually works, just takes a lot of time.

    2. @ Diogo:

      It's not that it's no good...it's nonexistent! As in, there ain't.

  2. Wow, I got mine today! I...I really can't believe I got this game in my hands, beta or not! I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I have to say I was wondering if it would ever see the light of day! I'm really really happy it has finally emerged! Thanks for all your work, I just flipped through and it looks great! Damn, now I need to go back and read Burroughs again!!!

    I'll work on a review of the game, and maybe try to play it sometime soon.

    Speaking of playing the beta, how much playtest time are you thinking you need before you wrap things up and pull together a final version of the game?

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