Shadowhaven Dragon

I wonder what the stats are on this little beastie?


Jay said...

Very cool! I'm a fan of the card game so it's exciting to see a few glimpses of the transition to an RPG. Keep up the great work Thomas!

Ever thought about a sci-fi card game like Dungeoneer (the card game)?

Thomas Denmark said...

I've thought plenty about a sci-fi card game like Dungeoneer. I have even made a few prototypes, perhaps one day I'll be able to bring one to publication. But, right now my focus is on Dungeoneer Deluxe Edition (which is what the RPG is likely to be called), and another little game called Murder of Crows which is almost done.

Ara Kooser said...

Peril 5

Hits: 4

Shadowborn: +1 Melee if not in daylight

Might: inflicts 2 wounds

Hoarder (3): Opponents can give up 3 Treasures & overcome a Melee threat 5+ to bypass combat with dragon

*Probably to much text for a card