Apr 18, 2011

New Feat: Rockabye

Rockabye: a 5th level Daddy is able to rock a baby in a precise pattern for a period of time requiring a level of endurance a 1st level Daddy didn't know was possible, to make the baby fall into a fitful slumber for 1d4+2 hours.

Unless you are a Daddy you may not fully understand how awesome this post is.


  1. As a non-Daddy, I may not understand all the awesomeness, but I appreciate the cleverness. :)

  2. congrats on getting to 5th level. just think how powerful you'll be when you conquer the pre-teen (and beyond!) years...

  3. I just reworked my "character" to take this feat. :)

    Congrats! I remember those days very well. How old is your little one?

  4. Great job taking that feat. It's quite an accomplishment! I actually miss those days when the little one would lay on my chest and coo in his sleep while drooling on my shoulder.

  5. The left shoulder has a plus 2 bonus, in my experience.

  6. a 10 month old and a 3yr old.

    I will need to advance to at least 9th "name" level in order to handle the teen years.

    DHBoggs: any little bonus helps!