Feb 11, 2010

Space Gamer

One of the fortuitous things about living in our times is that the internet, eBay, and used book stores provide a cornucopia of all those treasures we might have missed growing up.

I was not aware of Space Gamer, or The Fantasy Trip RPG it prominently supported until somewhat recently. I haven't explored TFT much, except to note that stats are provided for it in the original Thieves' World campaign boxed set I happily acquired not long ago.

My interest in Space Gamer came when I was researching John Carter of Mars and how it had been translated into roleplaying games. The only notable RPG was John Carter Warlord of Mars by Heritage Models Inc.. Which can only barely be considered an RPG by its cursory and impenetrable descriptions of how to play the game. Though I guess it is inline with the original D&D which required the prospective player to be familiar with wargaming in general in order to understand how to play.

The only article, or supplement, I have been able to find for JCWoM was a brief 3 pages in Space Gamer issue #24. I have scanned in the entire article and posted it here for your enjoyment.

I have little doubt that Warriors of the Red Planet will be a superior treatment of the genre, in every way imaginable. :)