Jan 8, 2010

Another Princess of Mars

Looking forward to seeing more Warriors of the Red Planet and filling it with illustrations of warriors, princesses, and savage aliens battling on a dying planet! In the meantime here is another version of our beloved Dejah Thoris. I think this design works a little more convincingly than my previous attempt, though far less risque.


  1. Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing (and purchasing!) the final product.

  2. As am I! Especially if it is filled art of this calibre.

  3. Very exotic! This Dejah Thoris looks like she can hold her own. Who needs an Earthman?

    Also, I'm reminded of my fondness for Princess Aura as depicted in Filmation's New Adventures of Flash Gordon. :)

  4. Dejah seems to have more :attitude: or haughtiness in this illustration. In the prior illustration, she seemed more fragile.

    I like both.

  5. I recently rewatched Disney's Snow White, she is such a passive pretty little thing that just wants to wash and cook for you.

    Of course Princess Leia changed all of that forever.

    Princesses in Warriors of the Red Planet will be a force to be reckoned with.

  6. I really like the pistol design!