Jan 14, 2010

B&W and the cost of color

While doing art for Warriors of the Red Planet I was thinking about the cost of printing. For an endeavor like this, which is really a fan publication - a labor of love - the cost of printing in full color is out of the question. So the hardcopy will certainly be black & white (with a color cover of course). While the cost of color art is usually prohibitive, that is not the case here, because I'm happy to do all the art in color. The problem is that printing full color costs too much. So I thought it might be neat to do the PDF in full color - where the cost of printing is not an issue, and doing the hardcopy in b&w.

Now, I'm not promising this, just saying it's an idea that occurred to me as I was making art for this incredible RPG being written by one of our very own talented designers.

You may recognize the little beastie above. A hideous plant man of Mars! I did a full color version previously, and when I paint full color I usually do a b&w first. So this crazy scheme to add more value to the PDF sounds more reasonable. (In some ways I like the b&w version better anyway, so thought I'd share)