Nov 18, 2020

OSR Social Status - A New Ability

A while back I wrote about the Social Status score. While I think that Gygax and Arneson nailed it near-perfectly with the standard six abilities, if there was room for one more it would be some sort of Social Status stat. 

Here that original article is developed and refined into a system that can be added to any OSR game. All of the information and research was refined, like panning for gold into a clear, concise, uncluttered rule set that can add something to just about any fantasy campaign. In particular the Warriors of the Red Planet roleplaying game mentions Social Status during character creation, but doesn't describe it much further from there. In the source material it is an important element in the sword and planet stories with space princesses to be betrothed and evil emperors to be overthrown.

This supplement is a perfect addition to that game. It also includes a folding character sheet that would fit in your original White Box (or Woodgrain Box if you are so lucky) done in a minimalist basic OSR style with room for this new ability. 

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