Nov 19, 2019

Blog Roll

Some blogs I've been reading over the past week:

Akratic Wizardry
I like the terse and to-the-point posts the author (who goes by Akrasia) makes. It's a good mixture of pulpy fantasy old school goodness. He also has an excellent collection of Swords & Wizardry house rules:

OSR News
An oldie, but a goodie, keep up to date on the latest products being released on DriveThruRPG with some slightly snarky commentary, which I enjoy immensely.

The Metal Earth
A sword and planet Mars themed blog. A genre that is near and dear to me, as you may know. Check out the B/X Mars RPG while you're at it.

Vintage RPG
If you're into Pendragon, and I am, this blog is for you. Alright, I know it's Tumblr. But as an artist I really like Tumblr, yes it can be annoying if you just want to read. Why read when you can look at pictures though? Hardy har (it does have plenty of text).

The 9 and 30 Kingdoms
Because you can never have too many geomorphs and tutorials how to make them. There is also a lot of nice little OSR oriented tidbits to enjoy and coop for your own games.

And here's a really light and fun one:
Dungeons and Drawings
Fantastic silly drawings of old DnD monsters you know and love. Simplified and brimming with personality.