Apr 5, 2018

Hawkmoor Map Work in Progress

I've been trying to draw the Hawkmoor map in a "Tolkienesque" style. This is my second attempt.
There are 10 zones on the map. The corner zones are Dungeons (you can see the one classic "Skull cave" in the top right), the side zones are wilderness. The middle is for the village of Hammlette. Just above the village is an area to put Fate cards which are drawn each turn the party is in the village and usually give some slight advantage or bonus, but occasionally increase the Doom. Doom is a measure of power of the forces of Chaos the party is contending against. That's how the game currently plays anyways.

I wasn't satisfied with how the Skull Cave came out, so redrew it on a separate sheet. It looks much better, but didn't match well with the rest of the map when I tried to stitch them together in Photoshop. So I'm considering just redrawing the whole map again.

The game is making progress little by little. Playtime is still a little too long, trying to crunch it down to under 90 minutes without losing any of the flavor or fun. I'll post and share more as I complete the components.

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